Foundations of a
brighter future

Supported accommodation for London’s homeless

Kickstart Homes is a regulated Community Interest Company (CIC) that works alongside local authorities, charities, food banks, religious institutions and other organisations to offer accommodation and individually tailored support plans to the homeless and those in need of a safe haven and a new start.

Our goal is to transform lives through secure housing, holistic support and a path to independent living, and to get started, as you’ll see below, is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Who we help

We help the homeless and the vulnerable in society with safe and supported accommodation. For qualification criteria…

How it works

Personalised support plans and safeguarding to accommodation matching and a roadmap to true independence.

Refer someone

If you wish to refer someone to us and you’ve checked that they qualify, the first step is to
complete a referral form.

Success Stories

Every success story of a life transformed started with a referral from a local authority or charity who cared. Take a look at the journey a few of our residents have been on to get to where they are today.

Based on 63 reviews
Sultan Rashid
Abid is really helpful and friendly is really good welfare officer and he’s easy to talk to
Yemane Siltan
Huge thanks for kick start Housing and my key workers Sajeda & Hasan 👍 for always being here when I need help. They are Incredibly reliable and helpful key workers, I'm truly grateful for their support.
Michael Dobson
I have referred a homeless person who has been sleeping in a car park near my work... Got a call from someone called Greg who said they are now giving the guy an assessment for housing. Happy days ahead. Good company
Emilie Hill
Excellent company. Spoke with Greg, who managed to get an assessment for a family member.
Rachel Dowsett
Brilliant company. I randomly spoke to a man called Greg on the street, and he gave me his card. I was then able to get someone I know who is homeless, a place with this company.
Gerry King
Happy with the support I’ve received from Kickstart, Demi has been very warm and helpful ensuring that I’m settled into the house and have all I need. Very blessed to have her as my support worker and thankful to the company as a whole.
Simon Asamoah
Hasan has been a wonderful support coordinator and is very useful for resources. Kickstart homes also are supportive on my journey and is very understanding in all circumstances.
amrblessflower flower
I am happy with Kickstart homes, excellent review for Hasan because he has great communication skills. I highly appreciate the support I am receiving.
Osc Group Clear
Kickstart has been really supportive since finding them 3years. Without them I seriously don’t no where I’d be as I had nowhere and nobody to support me back then. I’m really appreciative & greatful. Please don’t stop all that you do i really did benefit from this majorly. Danny
Junior Makiese
Isin & Saj have been really great & helpful with my support. There always there to help when needed. Couldn’t ask for any more than they already do to make life easier for me. Thank you again😃